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Crake Fu
Vindication Will Come, Just You Wait
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17th-Mar-2006 08:18 am - up too late
I stayed up way too late browsing Flickr last night. Now I feel lousy. Luckily, I have this photographers work to keep my spirits up.


I must go to Japan.
16th-Mar-2006 09:53 pm - The wait is unbearable
UPS is killing me. I ordered a Rebel XT on Monday of this week, and it looks like I will not receive it until next Monday. I really thought that I would have it by the weekend, but my plans were foiled. Why, oh why did I not upgrade the shipping?!? In anticipation for it's arrival I think I'll head out to the west side monument to consumerism so that I can acquire iLife '06. If I upgrade my Flickr account to pro, I should be all set for the arrival. Then no one will be safe from my shooting!

I am really ready to set the clocks ahead. I desperately need to start riding my bike to work, and it's just too dark when I get off to ride home. An extra hour of sunlight and I should be good to go.
10th-Mar-2006 06:33 pm - Long Time, No Update
It has been a busy week. Work was crazy, and I had my fantasy baseball draft going by email. Aah, baseball. It's good to be back poring over stats and box scores. In my league I'm known for finishing strong during the regular season, and then losing in the first round of the playoffs. This year will be different.

For some reason I've had a difficult time locating a large Nintendo DS case. Well, last night I found a bunch at Target. However, once I got it home I noticed that it had a weird smell to it. I don't want to get too graphic, but it is reminiscent of something that could leave a round imprint on a wallet. Gross. Excuse me while I go get the Febreeze.
6th-Mar-2006 12:08 pm - Out of Touch
I watched snippets of that awards ceremony last night. I enjoyed Jon Stewart, but not as much as I enjoyed Three 6 Mafia. Listening to their song I felt like they were speaking for me. Not really. At some point I realized that I only saw one of the best picture nominees. And it wasn't even the most popular one. During my college years I would make a point of seeing all the nominees I could. I'm certain that it's just laziness. I planned on seeing all the films at some point, but chose to watch Mythbusters instead. I plan on making this year different. I'm going to watch all the films I can.

I can't wait to get my hands on my new camera. I think I may try to reinvent myself as The Cobra Snake of Des Moines. Maybe I'll call myself The Garter Snake.
5th-Mar-2006 02:46 pm - jealousy
My dad recently acquired a Canon Rebel XT. I am infatuated with it. It's the perfect size for my hands, it's fast, and the pictures that come out of it are outstanding. I must have one. Lucky for me it's year end bonus time at work. I had earmarked the bonus for a 32 inch lcd tv, but I think I now have a change of plans.

SNL did it again with their digital shorts.


Get it before NBC throws a hissy fit and makes them take it down.
1st-Mar-2006 09:25 am - small update
Things are looking up. All that remains from my illness is a nagging cough and a yearning for hydrocodone.

I'm really disappointed by the Apple announcements. Boombox? Leather iPod case? Give me a break. The Mac mini stuff is cool, but I was really hoping for some sort of television recording software.

In AC news, it is good to have March here. New bugs and fish here I come!
25th-Feb-2006 10:05 am - No More Snow
I fired up Animal Crossing: Wild World this morning, only to discover that there is no more snow on the ground. Everything looks so verdant. I'm a little sorry to see it go. It gave such a satisfying sound when you walked across it.

I finally caved and went to the doctor yesterday. It seems that a fever of 104 will burn some sense into you. He prescribed antiobiotics and some hydrocodone laced cough syrup. The cough syrup really helps with the congestion, though it makes me a little more loopy than I like.

Yesterday my Rivendell Reader arrived in the mail (The Journal of Non-Competitive Cyclists). Rivendell is really cool. They are often cited as the leaders in the retro-grouch movement. Make no mistake, the bikes they produce look a lot like the bikes from the 70s bike boom. That is a good thing. That era of bikes are my absolute favorites. The tubes on the frames were thin. The top tube on the frame ran parallel to the ground. And, you never saw a bike with more than a fistful of seatpost showing. The bikes also took some skill to use properly. Shifting was very tactile. No clicking buttons back then.

I really love video game crafts. This is especially awesome.

24th-Feb-2006 09:08 am - Still sick
Ugh... My stomach has settled down, but the coughing and the fever remain. I've heard that if you have a fever for more than 24 hours that you should go to the doctor. But, I'm too lazy. Instead I'm going to watch the Sweden v. Czech Republic semifinal in hockey.

This game has to be the coolest:


Boing Boing has an excellent write up on it here:


It sounds very immersive, though pretty expensive.
23rd-Feb-2006 08:18 am - Under the Weather
I really feel lousy. I can't stop coughing, last night I was vomiting, and I was running a fever of 102. The fever is gone this morning. And so far no vomiting. Although that may be since I haven't eaten anything for 36 hours. I'm starting to wonder if I have RSV. Especially after reading this.


And yet, I'm still going to work. I almost feel a little selfish. I sit next to an older lady, who happened to start coughing late yesterday afternoon. I hope I didn't pass anything on to her. But, I really want to save my time off for the summer.

All the Mac Geeks I know are eagerly anticipating the announcements that are coming of February 28th. Apple Insider has their own take on this.


I would buy a MacBook immediately if they offer it in black. If not I'm going to hold out for the second generation of MacBook Pros.
20th-Feb-2006 07:21 pm - Never been in love with one of those
I really wish that the song "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)" would quit selling so well on iTunes. I feel dirty every time I visit the music store.

My new phone arrived today. So far so good. I set up a MoBlog with Textamerica. The link is over there on the left if anyone is interested. Nothing is there yet. I probably won't update it until I get a Bluetooth adaptor for the iMac.

If I time it right I should have Krull in my hands by this weekend if anyone is interested. I'll also have the first disc of Entourage Season 1 around the same time.
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