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Crake Fu
Vindication Will Come, Just You Wait
July 4th, 2006 
09:45 pm - Independence Day
I got up late today. 10 am. Just in time to catch some OLN coverage of the Tour de France. OLN sucks at hockey, but rules at cycling. Sure, you have to put up with that Bob Roll guy, but, everything else is stellar. It has that grainy Euro feed feel, and you get to see crazy cycling fans running next to the cyclists.

Next up, the World Cup Semifinal. Nazis v. Fascists! Germany v. Italy! In mutha fuckin' Dortmund! A stadium where the Germans have never lost. Against a team they have never beat. Drama is oozing everywhere. The match did not disappoint. The Italians won in the final two minutes of overtime with two beautiful, curling, perfectly placed goals. I am so thankful that I didn't have to put up with penalty kicks.

To celebrate (or because she was hungry), my mother suggested dinner at Biaggi's. Seemed fitting to me. Unfortunately, the meal didn't match the mood. The waitress didn't even ask if we wanted appetizers. My ravioli was overcooked. And, my dad's veal parmigiana tasted suspiciously like minute steak. Lousy all around.

The evening was much better. I was in possession a copy of Alphaville (thanks Netflix). I love that movie. It's so wonderfully weird. Eddie Constantine's voice is the stuff of legend. Long live Lemmy Caution!

I'm really looking forward to other World Cup Semi, Portugal v. France. I'm pulling for the French. Zidane may be the most subtle handler of the ball I've ever seen. The end result of him touching the ball is almost always positive. And, he does it with such finesse. Plus, it's the French. Everyone in the States seems to hate them. When I've asked why, it's almost as though I asked "What do you find wrong with me?" Smelly? Check. Lazy? I've got that covered. Always needing someone to bail them out of trouble and then being ungrateful about it? Yeah, that's me, so what? So, I almost feel obligated to root for them. Now, if they win, what are the odds that mom will want to go to Bistro Montage?
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