what happened?

The World Cup final was a tough one to watch. Especially in overtime. The greatest player of his generation was sent off after headbutting an opponent. See the proof here:

You can clearly see the titty twister that was inflicted upon Zidane, but, what exactly was said? What made him do it? Rumor has it that Matterazzi called him a "dirty terrorist". Matterazzi denies that he said that. Knowing Zidane, we may never find out. Or if we do, it'll be some weird story about ghosts in the night.

In the end, that singular act probably cost France the game. From my viewpoint, they were the better team over the full 120 minutes. But, penalty kicks are all about luck, and Italy had that lady on their side.
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Independence Day

I got up late today. 10 am. Just in time to catch some OLN coverage of the Tour de France. OLN sucks at hockey, but rules at cycling. Sure, you have to put up with that Bob Roll guy, but, everything else is stellar. It has that grainy Euro feed feel, and you get to see crazy cycling fans running next to the cyclists.

Next up, the World Cup Semifinal. Nazis v. Fascists! Germany v. Italy! In mutha fuckin' Dortmund! A stadium where the Germans have never lost. Against a team they have never beat. Drama is oozing everywhere. The match did not disappoint. The Italians won in the final two minutes of overtime with two beautiful, curling, perfectly placed goals. I am so thankful that I didn't have to put up with penalty kicks.

To celebrate (or because she was hungry), my mother suggested dinner at Biaggi's. Seemed fitting to me. Unfortunately, the meal didn't match the mood. The waitress didn't even ask if we wanted appetizers. My ravioli was overcooked. And, my dad's veal parmigiana tasted suspiciously like minute steak. Lousy all around.

The evening was much better. I was in possession a copy of Alphaville (thanks Netflix). I love that movie. It's so wonderfully weird. Eddie Constantine's voice is the stuff of legend. Long live Lemmy Caution!

I'm really looking forward to other World Cup Semi, Portugal v. France. I'm pulling for the French. Zidane may be the most subtle handler of the ball I've ever seen. The end result of him touching the ball is almost always positive. And, he does it with such finesse. Plus, it's the French. Everyone in the States seems to hate them. When I've asked why, it's almost as though I asked "What do you find wrong with me?" Smelly? Check. Lazy? I've got that covered. Always needing someone to bail them out of trouble and then being ungrateful about it? Yeah, that's me, so what? So, I almost feel obligated to root for them. Now, if they win, what are the odds that mom will want to go to Bistro Montage?
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ch ch ch changes

This past week has brought a major change to my lifestyle. For the past three years I have not been eating meat. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain, that has changed.

You may recognize Bourdain from his show on The Travel Channel, "No Reservations". Or, you may remember his as the author of "Kitchen Confidential", which inspired a short lived program on Fox. I've been reading his writing about food voraciously. He writes a lot about meat. And, his writing is good enough that I couldn't hold out any longer.

I decided to make my foray back into a carnivorous lifestyle with patience. That means that I prepared a meat dish that takes three days to make, pork rillettes. This is pork shoulder, pork belly, and lard. You cook the shoulder and belly, with spices and liquid, for six hours. After letting it cool, you shred the meat (think bbq pork) and put it in a container. Then you put the lard on top. Leave it in the fridge for three days, and it's good to go. I smeared some on a baguette. It was delicous.

Next I decided to make Onglet Gascon. This is hangar steak cooked with bone marrow. Frickin' bone marrow! Again, it was delicous.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I still have no intention of eating hamburgers. I will never go near chicken breast. I want flavorful meat. Maybe I'll see if there's a butcher that can get me some kidneys. I hear they are quite good.
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back in the game

Kimouski is back, and so am I. It's been a while, so I'll make the updates fast and furious tokyo drift.

My latest toy is a black MacBook. Yeah, I paid the hipster tax for black. You want to fight about it? At least I don't have pink stains all over it.

I saw the The Envy Corps at House of Bricks tonight. Those kids have potential.

I cannot stop watching the World Cup. That Argentina - Germany game was a classic.

Why, oh why, do I watch Family Guy (knowing full well that I've already seen the episode about a billion times) instead of The Colbert Report?

The Tour de France is going to suck this year. I was really hoping to root for Ivan Basso.
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rolling along

Two games down, five to go. The games in both KC and St. Louis were supposed to be rainouts, but the weather turned out beautiful. In St. Louis we even got to see a home run from Albert Pujols that won the game. By the way, new Busch Stadium is amazing. The setting was fantastic and the crowd was smart and boisterous. Well done, St. Louis. Tonight we'll be down at Comiskey (I will not refer to it as US Cellular). If you have Comcast, we'll be sitting in the left field bleachers.

Mundelein (where we are staying at the seminary) is quite nice. The campus is well kept, but has a very aged feel to it. I'm glad I got the chance to visit.

I haven't been able to post any pics yet. Hopefully, I'll have some up soon.
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Busy times

Holy crap, it's been a long time since I posted something. Things have been rather hectic. Final preparations have been made for my one week baseball excursion, I've been trying to spend as much time on my bicycles as possible, and with the new library open I've been partaking in some reading and listening.

First things first, the trip. It's going down a little something like this. One week from Monday we'll be going down to KC to visit the Negro League Museum and watch the Royals get stomped by the Indians. Wow, negro and indian in the same sentence. How uncomfortable. Tuesday it's on to St. Louis to visit the Cardinals Museum and see the home team in their new stadium against the Rockies. Then comes the long journey up to Chi-town for the World Champs against the (LA) Anaheim Angels. We'll stay two days there, but will not get to see the Cubs. Friday will have us visiting Milwaukee to see them take on the Mets. Finally, Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Minneapolis for some homer dome action. It's going to be one whirlwind of a trip. I really can't wait.

Now for the biking. I haven't made it out nearly enough. I have probably rode less than 100 miles so far this year, and that's really weak. I did get a taste of the mountain bike trails though. And, what a sweet taste it was. The candyman that is Denman's woods has me wanting more.

Finally, the library. It is so very nice in it's new location. I can make it over on a break and score music and books with great ease. The sci fi section isn't yet up to the level of Franklin, but it is pretty good. Now, if they'd hurry up and get the new John Varley book, all will be well.
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ice in my veins

I finally made it down to the Blood Center to get a donation in. As of late, I have begun doing a double red donation. It takes longer, but you don't have to go in as often, and you get hooked up to a really cool machine. It actually pulls out your blood, separates the red blood cells, and then pumps everything else back into you. But, when it starts the return it makes your arm get quite cold. It's not unpleasant, just a little weird.

Opening Day!

Baseball is back! It still seems too early, but I've been ready for the season to start since January. My favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, have about no chance this year. That's okay, there's alway lots of interesting things going on in MLB.

My Flickr page has been expanding rapidly. If you want to be added as a friend just shoot me an email.
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Showing My Age

Tonight I went with a coworker to see Reggie and the Full Effect at House of Bricks. Usually, I can linger around the sides and back of a venue and avoid any slam-dancing, moshing, bouncing, etc. Not tonight. I got sucked into a pit and couldn't get out. It was actually fun, for about 20 seconds. Then my joints started feeling it. Finally, I escaped. Unfortunately, a couple songs later it happened again. Now I'm bruised and battered. At least it's not as bad as my cohort...

Don't worry, it's fake blood. It was ceremoniously dumped on him by the lead singer of the tongue in cheek band Common Denominator during a rousing rendition of "Dwarf Invasion".
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